Grammar all grades checklist.doc
Conventions all grades checklist.doc
Final Rubric
1st Grade Rubric.doc
2nd Grade First Semester.doc
2nd Grade Second Semester.doc
Suggested Numerical Conversion for Writing Rubrics.doc
Handheld Rubric Content.doc
Handheld Rubric Conventions.doc
Handheld Rubric Organization.doc
Handheld Rubric Voice.doc
feedback labels.doc
Writing Rubric Score labels.doc

PASS Writing

PASS Writing Booklet (writing paper and bubble sheet)
PASS Writing Test Booklet (writing paper and bubble sheet).doc
Sample PASS Writing Test
4th-5th PASS Practice Test.doc
4th and 5th Grade PASS Test Answer Key.doc

Miss Precious PASS
Miss Precious PASS.doc

Unpacking a Prompt Lesson Plan
unpacking the prompt agenda for meetings.doc

Unpacking a Prompt Anchor Chart

Sample Passages and Prompts
Multiple Choice Question Stems
PASS Writing Assessment by Domains.doc

Numbered Passages w/ Questions
My Mother.notebook
Sled Run.notebook
Snowy Day.notebook
3rd-4th The Sled Run.doc
3rd My Favorite Day.doc
3rd Ocean Life.doc
3rd the Cheetah.doc
4th-5th My Mother another version.doc
4th-5th My Mother.doc
4th Adopting a Pet from the Pound.doc
4th The Day I Took the Spotlight.doc
5th Giving Life.doc

Content and Development Book Lists
K Content and Development Book List.doc
1st and 2nd Content and Development Book List.doc
3rd and 4th Content and Development Book List.doc
5th Content and Development Book List.doc

Organization Book Lists
Organization Book List 1-2r.doc
3-5th Organization Book List.doc

6 Trait Mentor Text Lessons
Sample Passages with Questions

Grammar Lessons
Adverbs of Time and Place.doc
Common and proper nouns Gr1.doc
Common and proper nouns Gr2.doc
Comparative and superlative adjectives Gr5.doc
Comparative&Superlative Adjectives.doc
Complex Sentences.doc
Conjunction Lessons Gr2.doc
Conjunctions Lessons Gr1.doc
Irregular adverbs.doc
Nominative and Objective Pronouns.doc
past participles.doc
Personal pronouns Gr1.doc
Personal pronouns Gr2.doc
Preposition Lessons Gr3.doc
Proper Adjective Gr2.doc
Singluar plural nouns Gr1.doc
Singular and Plural Nouns Gr2.doc
Subject-Verb Agreement.doc
Verb Tense.doc