Pacing Guide

5th_Grade_Pacing_Guide updated May 2010.doc

Resource Supplement

5th Grade Pacing Guide and Resource Supplement May-2010.pdf


State Department Lesson Modules
Biography Genre Study and Research Project Unit.doc
Author's Bias.doc
Interpret Sound Devices in Poetry.doc
Text and Graphic Features mini-unit.doc
Writing Personal Narratives.doc
REading and Writng Poetry.doc
Elements of Narrative.doc
Myths and Legends.doc

Book Clubs
Great Titles for Sparking Discussion.pdf
TextSets Grade 4.pdf
TextSets Grade 5.pdf

Read Aloud vs. Shared Reading (What is the difference?)
Read Aloud vs Shared.doc

Signs for Daily Agenda

Monthly Reading Ideas
November Reading Calendar Secondary.pdf
April Reading Calendar.pdf
May Reading Calendar.pdf

Social Studies and Science Integration
Book Lists by Topic to Use for Shared Reading, Read Aloud, and/or Independent Reading

Book List 1 Reconstruction.doc
Book List 2 Westward Expansion.doc
Book List 3 Industrial Revolution and inventors.doc
Book List 4 immigration.doc
Book List 5 Progressive era.doc
Book List 6 Spanish-American War, WWI, Hawaii, Panama Canal.doc
Book List 7 Roaring 20's (5-4.1).doc

Social Studies Project Ideas - (adapted from Hands on Learning supplemental resource with Scott Foresman series)
Pick a Project!- WWII example.ppt

Non-Fiction Articles to Teach Comprehension
Sci Standard 2 Articles Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems.doc
Sci Standard 2 Summaries--terrestrial and aquatic.doc
Sci Standard 3 Articles- Earth's Land and Oceans.doc
Sci Standard 3 Summaries-Earth's Land and Oceans.doc
Sci Standard 4 Articles- Matter.doc
Sci Standard 4 Summaries- Matter.doc
Sci Standard 5 articles- Force and Motion.doc
Sci Standard 5 Summaries- Force and Motion.doc

Social Studies
SS Standard 1 Articles Reconstruction.doc
SS Standard 1 Summaries--Reconstruction.doc
SS Standard 2 Articles-- Westward Expansion.doc
SS Standard 2 Summaries--Westward Expansion.doc
SS Standard 3 Articles--Becoming a World Power.doc
SS Standard 3 Summaries--Becoming a World Power.doc
SS Standard 4 Articles--1920's and 1930's.doc
SS Standard 4 Summaries--1920's and 1930's.doc
SS Standard 5 Articles- Cold War Era.doc
SS Standard 5 Summaries--Cold War Era.doc
SS Standard 6 Articles-- 1990's.doc
SS Standard 6 Summaries--The 1990's.doc

Science/SS Leveled Readers Correlated to F&P
Science Leveled Readers and GR Levels.xls

Leveled Readers for MAP Groups
Leveled Readers for MAP Groups.doc

Small Group/Guided Reading
What Are the Others Doing During Guided Reading 3-5.doc
Guided Reading Lesson Template.doc
Comprehension Activities in Guided Reading.doc
Sample Nonfiction Guided Reading Lesson.doc
GR anecdotal notes for during the reading.doc
Guided Reading Groups - What to Teach.doc
lesson plan format for 3 days.doc
planning and teaching the GR lesson.doc
What to do during guided reading.doc
Why Oral Reading NOT Round Robin Reading.doc

Text Level Conversion Chart
Primary ELA Benchmark Assessments in Reading with Dominie 2009.rtf
Text Conversion 5th Grade 2009.rtf

Word Study
Greek and Latin Roots
Grk Ltn Roots and Stems.notebook
latin root jeopardy.ppt
greek root jeopardy.ppt

Presentation by PHES Teachers
word study PHES.notebook

Prefix and Suffix Games
CARD GAME I Have Who Has template- MAKE YOUR
CARD GAME I have Who Has un- mis- pre- re- bi-
CARD GAME I Have Who Has -less -ly -ful -en -er -or -est
CARD GAME I Have Who Has OVER- IL- and
I Have Who Has

euphemisms in WWII.doc

Genre Study
Genre for Summer Inst..ppt
Genre Review End of Year.ppt
Genre Review.ppt
TL End of Year.ppt
Expose students to Science Fiction.doc

Read Alouds to Model Comprehension Strategies
Activate and Connect.pdf
3-5 activate and connect checklist.xls
Ask Questions.pdf
3-5 ask questions checklist.xls
Determine Importance.pdf
3-5 determine importance checklist.xls
Infer Meaning.pdf
3-5 infer meaning checklist.xls
Monitoring Comprehension.pdf
3-5 monitor comprehension checklist.xls
Summarize and Synthesize.pdf
3-5 summarize and synthesize checklist.xls
visualizing and connections booklist 5th.doc

Read Alouds to Teach Standards
Books to teach standards.DOC

Mentor Texts
figurative language booklist 5th.doc
dialoge booklist 5th.doc

Interactive Read Aloud Lessons
Interactive_Read_Aloud_Lessons_Available for 4-5.doc

Houghton Mifflin
Houghton Mifflin 3-5 Correlation with F&P.xls
Houghton Mifflin Mini-Lessons_2005-2006.pdf

Point of View
Point of View 2.pdf
Point of View.pdf
3rd Person Omniscient Point of View.doc
3rd Person Ominiscent resources.doc

Text Features
Evaluate a Textbook.pdf
PPT on teaching text features.pdf

Central Idea
Summarizing an Article.doc
graphic organizer central idea 2.doc
graphic organizer central idea.doc

Context Clues

Author's Bias
authors viewpoint, authors bias, perspective.notebook
reading text and deterining viewpoint, bias 2.doc

Author's Craft
tone vs mood.pdf
personification poems.doc

four day mini-unit.doc
Character resume.doc
charcaterizaton assessment.doc

Teaching Grammar In Context CAT.ppt
Comparative and superlative adjectives Gr5.doc
Irregular adverbs.doc
past participles.doc
Subject-Verb Agreement.doc

Grammar Checklist
Grammar all grades checklist.doc

Mastering the Mechanics
Mastering the Mechanics 1st.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 2nd.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 3rd.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 4.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 5.doc

Independent Reading

Science Fiction Genre
Expose students to Science Fiction.doc

independent reading rubric.pdf
Reader's Notebook Rubric- Notebook Connections.pdf
Reader's Response Rubric (Notebook Connections).pdf
Reader's Response Rubric Fountas and Pinnell.pdf
Indep. reading and writing rubrics.pdf
Independent Reading Rubric.doc
Independent Reading Rubric Sample.mht

Reading Log
Weekly Reading Log.doc

Reading Response
Reader Response Ideas to get started.doc
Criteria for Evaluating Reader Response logs.doc
Thinkmark Template (Fountas and Pinnell Appendix 15).doc
writer's craft thinkmark.doc
codes for leaving tracks bookmark.ppt

Suggested Reading Conference Forms:
Informal Reading Conference #1.doc
Informal Reading Conference #2.doc
Informal Reading Conference #3.doc
Reading Anecdotal Record.xls
Reading Conference Prompts and Questions.pdf

First Twenty Days of IR:
First 20 Days Details.pdf

Literacy Workstations:
Literacy Work Stations Grades 3-6.doc

High Interest/Low Readability:
Hi_Interest_Low_Level Book List.pdf
High Interest Low Reading Level Book List.doc

Daily Five
Chapter Notes:
chapter one notes.doc
chapter two notes.doc
chapter three notes.doc
chapter four part 1
chapter four part 2
chapter five

Final RubricSuggested Numerical Conversion for Writing Rubrics.doc
Fifth Grade Prompts for 2009.doc
Writing Anecdotal Record.xls

COVE Menu (can be adapted for 5th grade)
COVE Menu for 3rd grade.doc

Mentor Texts
figurative language booklist 5th.doc
dialoge booklist 5th.doc
Personal Narrative Book List.doc

First Twenty Days of Writing Workshop:
First 20 Days of Writing F & P.doc
First 20 Days of Writing.doc
The 1st Twenty Days of a Writer’s Notebook.ppt

Books by Domain
5th Organization Book List.doc
5th Content and Development Book List.doc
Read Alouds & Resources Voice 5th.doc
Conventions Resource 3rd-5th.doc

Conventions Checklist
Conventions all grades checklist.doc

Comic Book
making a comic book directions.doc
comic book
comic book student
Book Reviews

Ideas for 'Eagle Days'.doc