Pacing Guide

3rd Grade Pacing Guide 10-11.doc

Resource Supplement

3rd Grade Pacing Guide Resource Supplement May 2010.pdf


State Department Lesson Modules
Historical Fiction altered.doc
Folktale Unit.doc
Feature Articles altered.doc
Fable Unit.doc
Biographies Unit.doc
Memoir Unit.doc
Memoirs altered.doc
Poetry altered.doc
Poetry Unit-3rd grade.doc
Tall Tales altered.doc
using precise language.doc

Beginning of the Year
Assessment Web to cumulate information for each student for Parent-Teacher conferences.doc
Individual Record of Assessment sheet.doc
Individual Record of Assessment.doc
What to Do (Beg of Year).doc

Analytic Retelling Rubric K-3 - Fiction.doc
Holistic Retelling Rubric K-3 - Fiction.doc
Comprehension Rubric (from Mosaic of Thought).pdf
Creative Writing Rubric.pdfWriting Process Rubric.pdf

Nonfiction Reading Resources
3-2-1 strategy chart.doc
Nonfiction Book Talk Preparation.doc
Nonfiction Texts powerpoint.ppt
Text Structures Chart.pdf

Pictures of Classrooms (anchor charts, agendas etc.)
agenda examples.doc
story grammar.doc - anchor charts

Classroom Libraries
classroom libraries 2.doc
classroom libraries 3.doc
classroom libraries.doc

Fluency tips for home.doc
Fluency with Tim Rasinski.doc
Oral Fluency Checklist[1].doc
Using Audacity for Building Fluency1.doc

Deep Comprehension
7 Keys to Comprehension.doc
Asking Questions bookmark.pdf
Capturing my Thinking by Debbie Miller.doc
comprehension questions from Mosaic of Thought.doc
Comprehension site for titles of books and strategies.doc
connections (making connections).doc
context clues.pdf
Deeper level thinking.doc
Digging Deeper.doc
Double entry journal.pdf
Four Types of Questions.pdf
inference notes.pdf
inference text and subtext.pdf
inferencing website.doc
Inferring cards smartboard.notebook
inferring cards.pdf
Inferring is a strategy that we use all the time.doc
Inferring Poster.pdf
ReadWriteThink infer character change.doc
Stepping In by Debbie Miller.doc
Struggling Readers Comprehension Strategies.doc
Teaching for Deep Comprehension.doc
What to Do With My High Kids Since I.doc
Summarizing Somebody Wanted But So Then.doc

Monthly Reading Ideas
November Reading Calendar Primary.pdf
November Reading Calendar Secondary.pdf
December Reading Calendar.pdf
January Reading Calendar.pdf
Memory Book Idea.doc
February Reading Calendar.pdf
March Reading Calendar.pdf
April Reading Calendar.pdf
May Reading Calendar.pdf

Great Ideas from Great Teachers
Great Ideas from Great 3rd Grade Teachers.doc

Read Aloud vs. Shared Reading (What is the difference?)
Read Aloud vs Shared.doc

Jennifer Ebert's Newsletters
Rotation 1 Newsletter 3rd Grade.doc
Rotation 2 Newsletter 3rd Grade.doc
Rotation 3 differentiation Grade 3.doc
Rotation 4 Independent Reading newsletter.doc
Rotation 5 shared reading newsletter 3rd Grade.doc
Rotation 6 Guided Reading newsletter.doc
Rotation 7 Writing newsletter 3rd Grade.doc

Science/SS Leveled Readers Correlated to F&P
Science Leveled Readers and GR Levels.xls

Anecdotal Notes for Reading
anecdotal notes 2 reading.xls
anecdotal notes (strips) reading.xls
anecdotal notes (whole class) reading or writing.doc
anecdotal notes conference log reading.doc
anecdotal notes for groups reading.doc
anecdotal notes- whole class grid reading.xls
Reading Conference with Icons.doc
Strategy Groups and Instruction form without Touching Points.doc

Text Level Conversion Chart
Primary ELA Benchmark Assessments in Reading with Dominie 2009.rtf

Guided Reading
What Are the Others Doing During Guided Reading 3-5.doc
Guided Reading Lesson Template.doc
Organizing for Guided Reading.doc
What's Hot and What's Not in Guided Reading.doc
lesson plan format for guided reading.doc
Challenging the Fluent Reader.doc
Cue Systems and Strategy Prompts.doc
Deeper level thinking.doc
Digging Deeper.doc
Grouping Possibilities for Guided Reading.doc
Guided Reading Groups - What to Teach.doc
Guided Reading in Grades 3-6.doc
Guided Reading websites.doc
Sample Nonfiction Guided Reading Lesson.doc
testing in guided reading.doc
Things to Remember in Guided Reading.doc
GR anecdotal notes for during the reading.doc
planning and teaching the GR lesson.doc
What to do during guided reading.doc
Why Oral Reading NOT Round Robin Reading.doc

Lesson Plan Templates
Guided Reading Lesson Template.doc
lesson plan format for 3 days.doc
Guided Reading Lesson Plan Form.doc
Guided Reading Lesson Template 2.doc
lesson plan format with Comp. and Decoding.doc
lesson plan format.doc
lesson plan with teaching points.doc
Strategy Groups and Instruction form without Touching Points.doc
reading group conferences.doc

Read Alouds to Model Comprehension Strategies
Activate and Connect.pdf
Ask Questions.pdf
Determine Importance.pdf
Infer Meaning.pdf
Monitoring Comprehension.pdf
Summarize and Synthesize.pdf

Read Alouds to Teach Standards
Books to teach standards.DOC
Grades K-1.doc
Grades 2-3.doc
Grades 4-5.doc
3rd grade - leads.doc
3rd grade inferencing.doc
Activate and Connect.pdf
Ask Questions.pdf
Book Lists of Mentor Text for Writing.doc
Determine Importance.pdf
Hyperboles and Idioms.doc
Leads and Endings 3rd grade.doc
Personal Narrative Book List.doc
Point of view titles.doc
Read Aloud Site- AWESOME!

Cause and Effect
cause and effect chart.pdf
cause and effect graphic organizers.pdf
Cause and Effect read alouds.doc

Genre Study
Genre for Summer Inst..ppt
Genre Review End of Year.ppt
Genre Review.ppt
TL End of Year.ppt

Houghton Mifflin
Houghton Mifflin 3-5 Correlation with F&P.xls

Independent Reading
Why Should Kids Read Independently?
The Effects of Independent Reading on Reading Achievement.doc

Independent Reading Rubric Sample.mht
independent reading rubric[1].pdf

helpful language for conferences.doc
Reading Conference Prompts and Questions[1].pdf
teacher's anecdotal notes log.doc

Suggested Reading Conference Forms:
Informal Reading Conference #1.doc
Informal Reading Conference #2.doc
Informal Reading Conference #3.doc

Setting Up Your Classroom Library
B. Newinghams website.doc
classroom libraries 2.doc
classroom libraries 3.doc
classroom libraries.doc
classroom_libraries pictures.doc
Web sites for ideas of labels for your book bins in your classroom library.doc
poem to introduce books in classroom library.doc

Setting Up Independent Reading
beginning of year charts.doc
Finger Rule.doc
How to Choose a Suitable Text.doc
I Pick Good Fit Books bookmark.doc
Just Right Books Finger Rule.doc
looks like, sounds like, feels like.doc
PURPOSEFUL tasks to do during independent reading.doc

Response Journals
Criteria for Evaluating Reader Response logs.doc
Literature Response Log.doc
Reader Response Instructions.doc
reading task sheet.doc
response journal entry.pdf
Thinkmark (Fountas and Pinnell Appendix 15) front and back.doc

Reading Logs
genre graph 0-5.pdf
genre graph 0-10.pdf
genre graph 0-20.pdf
Genre Tally Chart.pdf
reading log 3.xls
reading log 4.doc
Reading log 4.xls
Reading Log 5.xls
reading log 6.xls
reading log 7.xls
Reading Log from Joanne Hindley.doc
Reading Log.doc
Reading Log.pdf
Reading Log.xls

First Twenty Days of IR:
First 20 Days Details.pdf

Literacy Workstations:
Literacy Work Stations Grades 3-6.doc

Daily Five
Chapter Notes:
chapter one notes.doc
chapter two notes.doc
chapter three notes.doc
chapter four part 1
chapter four part 2
chapter five

CAFE Menus
Menu Café Spanish.pdf
CAFE Menu for Emergent Readers.pdf

Final Rubric
Suggested Numerical Conversion for Writing Rubrics.doc

Read Alouds by Domain
3rd and 4th Content and Development Book List.doc
Read Alouds & Resources Voice 3-5.doc
Read Alouds & Resources Conventions 3rd-5th.doc
Read Alouds & Resources Organization.doc

Anecdotal Notes for Writing
anecdotal notes 1 writing.doc
anecdotal notes 2 writing.xls
anecdotal notes (strips) writing.xls
anecdotal notes (whole class) reading or writing.doc
anecdotal notes (writing conference form).doc
anecdotal notes conference log writing.doc
anecdotal notes for individuals writing.doc
anecdotal notes reading or writing.doc
anecdotal notes- whole class grid writing.xls
systems of strategic actions for processing written texts.doc

First Twenty Days of Writing Workshop:
First 20 Days of Writing F & P.doc
First 20 Days of Writing.doc
The 1st Twenty Days of a Writer’s Notebook.ppt

COVE Menu for 3rd grade.doc

Mastering the Mechanics 1st.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 2nd.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 3rd.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 4.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 5.doc

word web.doc
Vocabulary Anchor graphic organizer.doc
Word Savvy.doc
The Vocabulary Book.doc
Teaching Vocabulary using Context Clues with Pat Johnson.doc
Bringing Words to Life.doc
Vocabulary Strategy.doc

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
synonyms, antonyms, homonyms.doc


Prefixes and Suffixes K-4 (08).doc