Pacing Guide

1st_Grade_Pacing_Guide 10-11.doc

Resource Supplement

1st Grade Pacing Guide Resource Supplement May 2010.pdf


State Department Lesson Modules
Concepts of Print.doc
Concepts of print and phonemic awareness.doc
phonemic awareness and high frequency words.doc
fiction and non fiction.doc
Main idea through poetry.doc
Norms Rituals and Routines for Independent Reading.doc
Norms Rituals and Routines for writing.doc
Onset and Rime.doc
Inflectional endings.doc
Inferences and Drawing conclusions.doc
Fact and Opinion.doc
Create an informational book.doc
Create a thank-you note.doc
compound words and contractions.doc
Choosing a Writing Topic.doc
Classifying Information.doc
Choosing Just Right Books.doc
Cause and Effect.doc
Choosing a Purpose for reading.doc
Authors Craft narrrative texts.doc
Write simple rhymes and poems.doc
Words We Use in Writing.doc
Use Pictures and Words to Construct Meaning.doc
Synonyms and Antonyms.doc
Summarize fiction - Main Idea.doc
summarize in nonfiction - main idea.doc
Rhyming Words.doc
Revising and Editing.doc
Reading for Extended Time.doc

Comprehension Songs
comprehension strategy songs.notebook

Pictures of Evidence
Anchor Charts part 2 rotation 3.ppt

Suggested Professional Book Titles
Professional Book list for First and Second grade updated.doc

Monthly Reading Ideas
November Reading Calendar Primary.pdf
December Reading Calendar.pdf
January Reading Calendar.pdf
Memory Book Idea.doc
February Reading Calendar.pdf
March Reading Calendar.pdf
April Reading Calendar.pdf
May Reading Calendar.pdf

Rotation 2 schedules and agendas newsletter 1-2.doc
Independent reading classroom libraries newsletter Grade 1-2.doc
Shared reading newsletter1-2.doc

Read Aloud vs. Shared Reading (What is the difference?)
Read Aloud vs Shared.doc

Read Alouds to Teach Standards
Books to teach standards.DOC

Beanie Baby Strategies

Science/SS Leveled Readers Correlated to F&P
Science Leveled Readers and GR Levels.xls

Guided Reading
What Are The Others Doing During Guided Reading K-2.doc
The Choice Between Strategy Lessons and.doc
What Guided Reading Is and Isn.doc
Why Oral Reading NOT Round Robin Reading.doc

Dominie/Rigby Conversions
Dominie Level f and p level rigby level.doc
Dominie, F and P, Rigby titles.xls
kindergarten correlatin dominie rigby F & P.doc
second grade correlation dominie rigby f&P.doc

Independent Reading
First Twenty Days:
First 20 Days Details.pdf
First 20 Days of Writing F & P.doc
First 20 Days of Writing.doc

Resources for Independent Reading:
Building Our Reading Stamina in 1st Grade.doc
independent reading rubric.pdf
Web sites for ideas of labels for your book bins in your classroom library.doc

Literacy Workstations:
Literacy Work Stations K-2.doc

Text Level Conversion Chart
Primary ELA Benchmark Assessments in Reading with Dominie 2009.rtf

Writing workshop ideas for yearlong writing.doc

1st Grade Rubric.doc
Suggested Numerical Conversion for Writing Rubrics.doc
1st and 2nd Content and Development Book List.doc
Organization Book List 1-2r.doc
Read Alouds and Resources for Voice 1st and 2nd Grade.doc
Resources for First and Second Grade with Conventions.doc
First Grade Wonder Writers.doc

Student Friendly Rubric - Developed by WKE Teachers
hand held writing rubric.doc
My Writing Content_Development.doc
My Writing Content_Organization Final.doc
My Writing Content_Organization.doc
Writing Rubric Lesson.notebook

COVE Menu (can be adapted for 1st grade)
COVE Menu for 3rd grade.doc
CORE Menu for First Grade.doc

Kid Writing Parent Letters and Teacher Pages

Hand Held Rubric Templates
1st Grade C&D hand held rubric.doc
1st Grade Conventions hand held rubric.doc
1st Grade Organization hand held rubric.doc
Grammar 1st Grade.doc

Mastering the Mechanics 1st.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 2nd.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 3rd.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 4.doc
Mastering the Mechanics 5.doc
Composite Matrix for the writing.doc

Daily Five
Chapter Notes:
chapter one notes.doc
chapter two notes.doc
chapter three notes.doc
chapter four part 1
chapter four part 2
chapter five

CAFE Menus
CAFE Menu for Emergent Readers.pdf
Menu Café Spanish.pdf
CAFÉ Transition Menu-1.pdf

Rigby Sample Week.doc
The Components of Rigby K-2.ppt

Sight Words
Spider Catch the word - spell sight words.notebook
smartboard flashlight on sight words.notebook
sight word activities.docKindergarten Site words - frog.notebook
Ideas for sight word practice.doc

Sound Boxes
Sound Boxes[1].1.notebook
Sound Boxes[1].2.notebook
Sound Boxes[1].3.notebook
Sound Boxes[1].4.notebook

Nursery Rhyme.Jack and Jill Lessons.notebook
Literature Circles with K.ppt