Pacing Guide

Kindergarten Pacing Guide.doc

Resource Supplement

K Pacing Guide Supplement May 2010.pdf


Kindergarten Newsletter October.doc
K November Newsletter.doc
K December Newsletter.doc
January K Newsletter.doc

State Department Lesson Modules
What is White Space.docWhat is a Setting.doc
The Language of Story.doc
The Pictures Tell A Story.doc
Transitional Words and Story Language.doc
What is a Character.docWhat is a Setting.doc
Ideas for Stories.doc
Having Fun with Vocabulary Sound Devices Onomatopoeia.doc
Hearing Syllables in Words.doc
Having Fun with Vocabulary Sound Devices Alliteration.doc
Environmental Print.doc
Creating New Words, Going form the Known to the Unknown.doc
Connecting the Picture to the Text Message.doc
Characteristics of Informational Texts.doc
Becoming Word Conscious Vocabulary.doc
Author's Choice of Words.doc
Cause and Effect.doc
Immersion in Informational Text.doc
Moving from Generating Rhyming Words to Onset and Rimes.doc
Making an Inference.doc
Informational Text Finding the Facts.doc
Informational Text Classifying Information.doc
Informational Text Makes Me Wonder.doc
Informational Text Print Style.doc
Learning to Communicate in Writing.doc
What is a Proper Noun.doc
Summarizing the Main Idea Using Nonfiction Texts.doc
Stories Have a Narrator.doc
Summarizing an Informational Text.doc
Relationship Between Sounds and Letters.doc
Navigating Text Story Elements.doc
Purposeful Reading with Embedded Word Work.doc
Comprehending Oral Narrative Sequential Order.doc
What is Relevant in this Story Relevant Details.doc

Read Aloud vs. Shared Reading (What is the difference?)
Read Aloud vs Shared.doc

Read Alouds
Read Alouds for Kindergarten.doc

Beanie Baby Strategies

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic Awareness Parent Letter.doc

Science/SS Leveled Readers Correlated to F&P
K Science Guided Reading Levels.doc

Guided Reading
What Are The Others Doing During Guided Reading K-2.doc
The Choice Between Strategy Lessons and.doc
What Guided Reading Is and Isn.doc

Dominie/Rigby Conversions
Dominie Level f and p level rigby level.doc
Dominie, F and P, Rigby titles.xls
kindergarten correlatin dominie rigby F & P.doc
second grade correlation dominie rigby f&P.doc

Independent Reading
Literacy Workstations:
Literacy Work Stations K-2.doc
Meaningful Reading Centers.doc
What is Hot AND What is Not.doc

Independent Reading in K
Exploring Books Independently.doc

Words Matter Developing Robust Vocabulary.doc

Text Level Conversion Chart
Primary ELA Benchmark Assessments in Reading with Dominie 2009.rtf

Daily Five
Chapter Notes:
chapter one notes.doc
chapter two notes.doc
chapter three notes.doc
chapter four part 1
chapter four part 2
chapter five

CAFE Menus
CAFE Menu for Emergent Readers.pdf
Menu Café Spanish.pdf

Kindergarten Literacy.ppt

K Content and Development Book List.doc

Kid Writing Parent Letters/Teacher Pages

Sound Boxes
Sound Boxes[1].1.notebook
Sound Boxes[1].2.notebook
Sound Boxes[1].3.notebook
Sound Boxes[1].4.notebook

Nursery Rhyme.Jack and Jill Lessons.notebook
Literature Circles with K.ppt